Kyriba helps CFOs and strategic leaders boost free cash flow and improve EBITDA with supply chain financing solutions that help extend payment terms and enable better working capital management.

Our robust working capital programs combine scalable technology, expert teams and key services such as working capital analysis, project design and supplier onboarding.



In response to increasing pressure to generate additional cash flow and improve bottom-line value in return on investment, Kyriba offers dynamic discounting and supply chain financing solutions that benefit both buyers and suppliers and enable treasury and procurement to work together to achieve operational success Improvements in funding.

当我们研究它时,我们真的发现供应链融资和动态贴现对所有各方都是双赢的局面。在供应商方面,它提供发票透明度[和]可靠性付款。 在买家方面,[...]它为客户提供了持有现金的能力。
Kristopher Kagan 财务/人力资源副总裁


To free up capital tied to working capital, organizations can leverage supply chain financing, also known as reverse factoring.

Supply chain financing gives suppliers the flexibility to “sell” approved invoices to financial institutions for a pre-agreed discount that is dependent on the buyer’s credit risk.

Using supply chain financing as an alternative financing method helps buyers negotiate longer payment terms and helps increase free cash flow.



The early payment discount program enables buyers to generate high returns on free cash, reduce costs through discounts, and increase profits and EBITDA margins.

The main benefit of moving from a standard manual discount plan to a larger discount window with dynamic discounting is that the sliding scale model captures all possible discount opportunities, thereby maximizing costs and increasing the amount of free cash available for investment.


24%的 Kyriba 客户表示,改进营运资金管理是迄今为止选择 Kyriba 的最大商业收益。

资料来源: TechValidate, 2019


For suppliers, leveraging supply chain financing and dynamic discounting results in:

  • Increased cash flow (reduced DSO for suppliers)
  • Enhance cash visibility/predictability
  • Obtain additional sources of funding
  • Reduce financing costs based on credit rating
  • Off-balance sheet financing that does not impact supplier debt metrics
  • Reduce accounts receivable inquiries and provide remittance information for free

For buyers, the benefits of supply chain financing and dynamic discounting are slightly different. Both programs increase cash visibility/predictability, reduce accounts payable inquiries, and improve critical supplier relationships. Supply chain financing can also increase free cash flow and reward banking relationships, while dynamic discounting can significantly improve the risk-free return on short-term cash investments, improve gross margins and reduce costs of operations (COGS).