Our tech teams include engineering, development operations, quality engineering & release management, cloud operations, information systems and enterprise IT. These are the people developing, releasing and maintaining the Kyriba solution and ensuring its reliability for our clients, and making sure our internal systems and hardware work the way they should to keep our people productive.

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Exciting work goes on here developing and testing new product features, implementing new technologies, creating automation, improving business processes and scaling for big growth of our team and our client base. Primarily based in St. Cloud, Minsk and San Diego, this growing team of 200 talented people are collaborating around the world to build the solution that is revolutionizing the world of FinTech.


Hear from the Team

  • "To be successful at Kyriba you have to be passionate about what you do. Everyone here loves what they do and when you bring passionate people together to collaborate, anything is possible! It’s a very diverse environment working in a global company, with the opportunity to work with so many people from different places around the world with different backgrounds. It’s really rewarding when you can collaborate with others and be successful in what you do."

    Erick Corte
    Information Security Specialist, San Diego
  • "I love that Kyriba is growing fast and rapidly maturing into a key player in the industry. It's fun helping Kyriba grow as a global industry leader. Working with teammates around the world provides so many new ways to understand technology, business and other cultures. Every day brings new opportunities to broaden my technology experience and my world view."

    Donna Kregel
    Technical Project Manager, San Diego
  • "Within Enterprise IT, we collaborate on a daily basis with the InfoSec/RCCM team. Ensuring our systems stay safe is a key responsibility for us and we work closely with these teams to make sure Kyriba is always protected. On the Technical Sales Enablement side, we work closely with the global Sales Team to get our prospects comfortable with Kyriba’s abilities and approach to Information Technology, Security, Risk, Compliance and Privacy."

    Nick Biasevich
    Senior Director of Technical Sales Enablement, San Diego

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